Here’s why my UDC Pro 5.9 Cummins & 48RE Custom Tuning is superior:

You have probably heard or read:

The 48RE shift points can only be adjusted by replacing the valve body or installing a shift kit…  While a shift kit is a great addition mainly to increase the line pressure and clutch holding power, I assure you the ECM/TCM is in complete control of the shift points in a 48RE Transmission.  The issue is other custom tuning platforms don’t alter the correct parameters to accurately to adjust the shift points… My custom tuning does.

I have access to engine and transmission tuning parameters not offered in any off the shelf tuning platform.  My tunes are a complete package of mated engine and transmission parameters which will provide an unparalleled driving experience.  I provide custom tuning for 3rd gen Dodge Ram trucks with a 5.9 Cummins engine and a 48RE transmission for model years 2004, 2004.5, 2005, 2006 and 2007.


5.9 Cummins Engine Tuning:

  • Increased Horse Power
  • Increased Torque
  • Increased efficiency

48RE Custom Tuning:

  • Raised 1-2 shift
  • Raised 2-3 shift
  • Lockup in 3rd gear that holds while coasting
  • locked 3-4 upshift
  • Tow Haul Button converted to Overdrive Off.  2004-2005 trucks can restore the tow haul maps with an additional switch and 2006-2007 trucks have tow haul and OD off functions at the button on the shift lever.