Fummins Swap

If you are looking to swap a 3rd Gen (03-07) 5.9 Cummins Engine into your Ford F350, Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, Chris Craft, Piper, Cessna….

Custom Tuning for your 3rd Gen Common Rail 5.9 Cummins swap is just as important as changing out the physical engine. You will benefit greatly from engine software that matches your application. MM3 Tuning has the means, methods and technology to get you going:


If you have sourced an engine that has the wrong calibration, typically this is an automatic transmission calibration, MM3 Tuning can get you flashed over to a manual calibration (or vise versa) without a trip to the dealer. This can solve a lot of issues with DTC’s and Limp Mode.


One of the most challenging parts of a Cummins Swap is dealing with the diagnostic trouble codes caused by the ECM looking for components that aren’t there. This can cause a lot of frustration, especially dealing with Limp Modes. MM3 Tuning can solve your DTC problem.

Limp Mode

Limp mode is when the ECM de-rates your horse power levels. This is usually the result of a DTC due to missing components (like an automatic transmission). MM3 Tuning can help you solve your limp mode issue…

Contact Me

Cummins swaps can be a technical endeavor and require a custom quote for tuning. Please use the contact link below to tell me about your project and get a quote: