Right now you’re probably asking yourself “where does this plug go???”

Smarty MM3 Tuner Comm Mod Real Time Cable

The 2006 and 2007 model years are MISSING the plug (a 3 pin weather pack) that this wire connects to… You’ll have to install it yourself, but this is not difficult.

This applies to the Smarty Touch and the Smarty MM3 tuner. The circuit you need to find is the canbus C wires. They are white, one with a light blue stripe and the other with a light green. The easiest place to tap into these wires is at the giant c130 connector which sits in the engine bay, on the firewall just to the left of the brake reservoir. On the c130 plug, the wires you need are in positions 23 and 24. If you look very closely you’ll see numbers to the side of each row of wires.

The following picture is from my 05 so the wires are a different color, but these are the positions you should find your canbus c wires on your 06 or 07:

(NOTE: This picture is for orientation only. This is NOT where you plug the comm mod wire into an 05. 2005 model years are supplied with the correct plug just above the ecm)

C130 connector with canbus c wires circled

On a 2006 and 2007 truck, one of these wires will be white with a light blue stripe and the other white with a light green stripe. You have 2 options:

Option 1: You can purchase a 3 pin weatherpack and wire it in so you have a nice removable connector like all the other model years have


Option 2: Simply cut the weather pack plug off of the smarty cable and directly splice it to the canbus c wires.

Whichever method you use, the GREEN wire on the supplied comm mod weatherpack cable needs to be spliced to the white wire with a LIGHT BLUE stripe. The Yellow wire needs to go to the white wire with a light green stripe.

The small white connector on the opposite end of the supplied comm mod wire plugs into the comm mod like this: