Total Tuning Package 2003-2007 5.9 Cummins




Total Tuning Package:

This discounted package includes 5 tunes: Tow & MPG Tunes, the 12 valve and 12 valve high performance tune and the street tune at $75 off listed prices.  Compatible with model years 2003*, 2004, 2004.5, 2005, 2006 and 2007 5.9 Cummins.  All tunes include enhanced exclusive parameter 48RE tuning.

30 HP Tow Tune:

Focuses on a slight power increase that is safe for your stock 48RE transmisison and a completely altered shift schedule that gets your transmission into lockup in 3rd gear and 4th and holds lockup while coasting in 3rd.  Also adjusts the manual second gear lockup point lower…  Lockup sooner equals much lower transmission temperatures and more power to the ground.

30 HP MPG Tune:

This tune also has a moderate power increase but focuses on increasing your miles per gallon.  Also includes enhanced transmission tuning.

12 Valve Tune Stock HP:

This tune alters your fuel injection programming to run on one large shot of fuel instead of two three shots of fuel per combustion cycle.  The result is less wear on your injectors and and very different sound which is closer to a 2nd gen 5.9 cummins.  This tune has a small power increase over stock and also has enhanced 48RE shifting patterns.

12 Valve High Performance Tune 90 HP:

Identical to the 12 valve tune above, however it has increased fueling values similar to the street tune.  You get a traditional Diesel sound and the fun of a performance tune in one.  This is one of my favorite tunes!

Street Tune 90HP:

This tune focuses on daily driving performance.  It has approximately 90hp increase and will put you back in your seat.  This is the upper limit of what is safe for your unloaded truck.  This tune includes the enhanced 48RE transmission tuning.


*Trans Tuning not available for 2003 trucks.


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