Important: Whenever you remove the SD Card from your computer you should right click the root of the SD Card and select “eject” before physically removing the card from your computer.

Occasionally when you reinsert the SD card back into your Smarty Touch, Smarty MM3 tuner, or Race Me Ultra Tuner you may get an error that says “SD Card Invalid” or “Error 20002” in the bottom left portion of the screen:

SD Card Error 20002 will show here:

The easiest way to resolve this error is simply to unplug the OBDII cable from your Smarty Touch or MM3 Tuner for a few seconds and plug it back in:

Smarty Touch & MM3 OBDII Cable

If removing the OBDII cable doesn’t resolve your SD Card error, you may need to put the card back in the computer and run an error check. You can do this by navigating to the SD card in “My Computer” or “File Explorer”. Once you do this, “right click” on the root of the SD Card and select “Properties” and then “Tools”:

Once the check completes, select yes to fix any errors. After this is done, you should “eject” the SD Card before physically removing it from the computer. Again, right click the root of the SD Card and select the “eject” option: