Thank you Rob for the mpg and tow tunes for the mm3.  It’s like a brand new truck! I never thought it would be such a big difference. The shift points and lock up are perfect! You have done some amazing things with the mm3 tunes. I strongly recommend Rob’s tunes to anyone with a third gen Cummins. I had issues figuring out how to update  the firmware and install the tunes and Rob helped me every step of the way. Can’t wait to hook up the fifth wheel on Monday and see how the tow tune behaves with 12,000lbs back there. Thanks again Rob!

05’ Dodge 2500 Cummins  slt 4×4

280k miles


On 2/2/2019 at 3:37 PM,

“I got to pull the boat to the lake last weekend with the new tune and I can again say that it is about as good of a transmission tune as one could ask for. The up shifts and easy tip in down shifts are perfect. I’ve been pulling down 1.3 MPG better on all highway trips (hand calculate) and the power compared to stock is what this engine should have came from the factory with. The 1-2 shift is much better for towing but the 3rd gear lockup is when you really notice the difference…

I also have to give props on the fact that it actually smokes less now than it did before the tune!

My only performance mod is an S&B intake … high ram … and this tune.

Love it!!”


“this transmission tuning rocks it is simply amazing how different it shifts and does what it supposed to do thanks Rob D” –


“I also have tuning from Rob D and I am extremely happy with the outcome…hit him up for your tuning needs!”


“If your truck has a 48RE, then you MUST, MUST, get Rob tune.  It will save your tranny BIG TIME!  I just replace my stock tranny due to heating climbing up a hill every day 7 mile steep. Sea level to 1400 elevation.  Trans temp always 215+ plus degree.  Andeven with a new stage 2 tranny with a deep pan and  added trans cooler up front still would get up in the high 190-200* degree up this hill, I just installed Tow tune from Rob with his tranny tune set up , and man what a different.  It shifts  all in the right power ban, now it feels like a truck shifting. And now at the top of the hill my Temp was 170* degree -30 that fricken awesome!!  I cant thank you enough Rob.  So dont hesitate to PM Rob he will walk through the install, im not much of a computer guy,and thought i cant do this stuff.   But just do you a favor save your $6K and keep your stock 48RE and get Robs tune.  He not paying me for this, im just glad for his time & help.  Keep making your tunes Rob im now a fan! 🤙”  

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  1. I don’t know where to begin. After putting a tune in from Rob my engine and tranny immediately woke up. The tune brings out the perfect amount of power from my cummins coupled with perfect shifting makes driving my truck even more fun! If you want safe power to your truck Rob is the guy to get it from. He truly knows these trucks inside and out.

  2. I was fortunate enough to stumble across Robs channel on Youtube and decided to reach out. He got back to me immediately, I purchased original tunes from him and loved them. Then I saw that he had new ones and updates, I reached out again. Couldn’t be happier with the outcome. It made me find the enjoyment in driving my truck again. If you want solid product and delivery on what is promised Rob is the man. Thank you again for the work you put into this.

  3. Thank you Rob, Watched your video on the 48RE tow haul mode and decided to get the MM3 tuner and full tune package. your tunes did everything you said it would do. I pulled my travel trailer over the coast range this weekend here in Oregon and I couldn’t be happier with the shift pattern you set up. Third gear lockup is awesome on the hills when pulling and my tranny ran cooler too, also when just cruising through town at 40 mph it stays in third where it really should be instead of lugging in fourth gear.I’m one happy camper Rob! Good job with your tunes.

  4. Just uploaded my tune and it worked great. The transmission is night and day better, should have been like this from the factory. Rob was very good to work with, answered all my questions and tune came back very quick. This is a must have.
    Thank You

  5. I talked with Rob for about 2 months before ordering his MPG and Tow Tunes. I hadn’t updated my Smarty Touch, which needed to be done before I could load custom tunes. Rob walked me through the entire process, including the glitches during the update. Wow, was I ever impressed! With the MPG tune, the power feels about like the Touch level 3, but with the changes in how the transmission shifts, it feels like a totally different truck. For me, the greatest thing is how it downshifts now, just like it should have from the factory. Thanks Rob!

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