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  1. I am very impressed with the new capabilities with/from Robs tuning. Night and day!!! I honestly submit the Smarty MM3 tuner should definitely partner with his transmission enhancements alone.

  2. Wow! I just bought a stock 06 2wd. I was mostly getting Rob’s tunes for the transmission upgrades and it delivers in spades! I do a lot of city driving and it has made a huge improvement lugging around town. Much crisper shifts and better shift points all around. Now the engine tunes. Talk about waking a truck up!! I bought the mpg, tow, and street tune. Rode around for a week in the mpg tune and loved it. just installed the street tune and I’m blown away. I just want to go driving all day now! I had no idea a diesel truck could be this much fun to drive around. If you are thinking about using Rob’s tunes, do it! The transmission tunes are worth it by itself. The engine tunes are awesome. Very happy!

  3. I had a bully dog, and pulled the trigger for the mm3 everything you need package. It was night and day compared to the bully dog. My truck is like a new truck. The trans shifts perfectly, the power in the 12v hp tune is amazing. If you are on the fence about getting this, just do it. It’s the best money you can spend. It truly is incredible what rob does.

  4. So far “so great” with my new MM3 tuner and the custom “MPG” tune that Rob provided. My truck is shifting like it has never before after installing the new MM3 touch tuner and custom tunes from Rob and each time I drive it, the fuel economy is slowly but steadily getting better and I am grateful for finding out about the tuning that Rob offers and now I look forward to driving my truck each time I get in the drivers seat and another thing…re-calibrating the speedometer with the MM3 tuner for the larger diameter tires I recently put on my truck couldn’t have been any easier as well! As some of the other folks have mentioned on here, I was also in search of a solution to getting better fuel economy out of my truck as well as a way to change the speedometer setting after putting on taller tires (other than going to the dealer) and I had reached out to a couple of other tuner retailers with no response and Rob got back to me within a day or so after I had reached out to him. If you have a 3rd generation Dodge Ram with the 5.9 Cummins like I do, there is just no better than what Rob has to offer!
    (2006 Ram short-bed/4WD/5.9 Cummins/48RE/33″ factory tires on 18″ factory steel rims from a 2020 Ram)

  5. I’ve had Rob’s tunes on my 05 NV 5600 since September 2020 and I finally got to put them to the test towing my 15K pound tow hauler the 900 plus miles to Moab Utah. I can’t express enough how impressed I was with the trucks performance making the almost 2K mile round trip. Rob’s tow tune has impressed the hell out of me comparing apples to apples from the Smarty Jr. I had on the truck for the past 8 years. I have waited a long time to provide my testimonial and I’m very happy to say his tow tune is very impressive and his customer service is second to none. Before this trip, I had been considering buying a new truck to pull my tow hauler but after this last trip it is clear, a new truck is not needed. Thanks Rob of providing a fantastic product and support. Keep up the great work

  6. Rob combined the 12 valve tune with the tow tune on my 03 6 speed. It’s like driving a new truck I couldn’t be happier. Probably won’t try the mileage tune till winter.
    On a side note, My son drives a 600 horse 12 valve. Told me he’s no longer ashamed to ride with me. Lol.

  7. After talking to Rob and debating many times, I decided to pull my Edge Juice with EZ Switch off of my 2004.5 Cummins and go ahead and buy the MM3 Tuner and MM3 Tuning from Rob. I just got my tunes installed between yesterday and today, the install was very self explanatory and easy. Pulling the stock file out of the truck and sending it via Email and relocating the new files was very easy and Rob provided very good instructions. Overall, I am very impressed with the transmission tuning which makes the truck feel like it can put 4 times the power down to the rear wheels. I am very happy and have absolutely 0 regrets!

  8. After a lot of reading, research and videos all the dots were always connecting to Rob’s tunes. I purchased a 2006 Ram 3500 5.9L with 94,000 miles in Puerto Rico. The main reason for buying was the Tow Tune, but when I started using this tuner, mannnn the difference is like heaven and hell. Starting with the shifting. The shifting is right on the money and very smooth. Engine idle is ridiculously smooth. Using all the different tunes makes you want to drive all day. All questions and doubts were promptly answered by Rob even with time difference of 4 hours. Definitely 100% recommended!!! 5 stars!!! Awesome Tunes!!! Thanks Rob for all the help and support!!!

  9. Rob and the MM3 have both surpassed the reviews and threads I read which steered me to buy this product from him. Very happy and looking forward to using the guidance and equipment to keep my truck on the road. Thanks Rob!!

  10. 07 Mega 5.9L as others have said what a improvement I really think the transmission tuning is the key. I just went with the 3 tunes MPG, Tow and stock 12v and boy they all are a huge improvement. The 12v is awesome I will be getting the 120hp 12v once my trans beefed up. Just having the 5 gauges is worth the money! Plus some of best customer service I have ever had very responsive. Thanks again Rob

  11. WOW ! Rob is a genius, I have owned my 05 quad cab for 10 yrs and have never been happy with the trans. The factory shift points are garbage, as most 3rd gen owners know. I have used a few different off the shelf, one size fits all programmer’s and they always seem to be lacking something. Rob has figured that part out, the trans tunning is remarkable. My truck has never shifted so smoothly. I purchased the total package and couldn’t be happier with it. From the moment I started the truck (12v hp tune) I have had a smile on my face. The 12vhp tune is the best, gives it that true diesel sound and has power for days. Butt dyno approved. So if your even considering buying his tunes don’t hesitate just do it. Like most comments I’ve read, I should have done this year’s ago and I’m not just saying that, I mean it. You will not be disappointed with what he has been able to accomplish. Thanks Rob

  12. Just got everything installed over the weekend, instructions were very clear and simple and Rob was extremely responsive to all of my questions – great service!!!! I’ve only tried the MPG and Street tune just around town and yet to tow with it but oh my lord it’s a different truck altogether. Even my 16 yo who is learning to drive noticed immediately noticed so I’ll have to make sure she doesn’t know how to use the Street tune or my insurance will be going up !! Anyway like most others have said I am not sure what Dodge were thinking based upon Rob’s tunes the truck just makes way more sense in its shift patterns, available power and just overall drivability. I live at 9000’ so going anywhere involves steep grades and I am now not trying to baby the stock program to stop shifting up and down the mountain. Money very well spent IMO.

  13. Wow is all I can say. The difference that Robs tunes made in my truck is unbelievable. My truck is an 06 mega cab, and it was a slug. It lacked power, the egts were all over the place,
    and the shift points,well, I don’t know what dodge was even thinking. Robs tunes has really gotten my truck where I needed it to be. The customer service that Rob gives is second to none. He answered all my questions with clear easy to understand instructions. Even after the deal was done and paid for and installed, he still answered all my questions quickly, he didn’t leave me hanging. If your looking for a tuner and tunes, you need to go with Rob. Thanks a lot Rob

  14. I have an 04.5 Auto the truck has an intake and 4in exhaust so your typical everyday driver. Before getting tunes from Rob I had the edge evolution CTS 2 on the truck for 700+ dollars I can say I was severely disappointed. I felt that the tunes were sub par so much so that I only ever used them a hand full of times. I pretty much ran around in the stock file and just used it as a monitor. Which it was just OK at, Refresh rates were not fast and it really did not show that much information.

    I had been doing a lot of research on custom tuning for my truck when I cam across Rob. I was drawn to his tunes by some of the YouTube videos he had posted both about tunes and helpful tips and tricks for third gen trucks. I liked the fact that he only worked on third gen trucks. To me this was a big selling point as he can keep improving things on the third gen platform instead of trying to keep up with all the newer vehicles. After all there is a reason why we choose to stick with a third gen instead of going up to a newer truck.

    Communicating with Rob was very easy he always had timely responses and was able to answer ever question I had. I ended up purchasing a 4 tune package with on the fly tuning with the MM3 gauge. Everything works perfect and I am very happy with everything, The biggest issue I had with the whole system was just trying to find a place to neatly hide the Com box for the MM3 under my dash. The trans tuning is very nice, albeit does take some time to get used to as it is that much different then the way the stock calibrations shift. This is in no way a bad thing though this is a good different.

    The economy tune works very well, I live in a colder northern climate so I average about 16 in the winter driving around thanks to Rob I am up to 18 which is a welcome improvement. The stock 12 valve tune is very fun just to drive around with, like Rob says it sounds like a true diesel much more similar to a vp44 24 valve but with the power of a CR truck. I have not yet had a chance to test out my tow tune but I am looking forward to it. As far as the 90hp street tune it is fun to use you can tell Rob did his research the truck does not seem like it is working hard to make that kind of power like other 3rd gens I have been in tuned by people other then Rob. This tune In all reality could be daily driven with no problem and I am sure there are people that do. All the tunes I have gotten from Rob are very drivable not just an on off switch like many other tuners out there.

    Overall I am very happy with everything I have received from Rob the tunes are great I love the way the MM3 works and the abundant amount of information it shows. The trans tuning seems to be worlds better than the factory. If you have a 3rd gen and are looking for custom tuning or tuning of any matter at that point look no further then Rob you will not be disappointed.


  15. All stock 2006 Mega Cab. Truck was terrible to drive – slow, terrible shift points and ran hot even at slower speeds while going up any hill w/o any of the power it should have.

    Bought and installed MM3 tuner over a month ago and it woke the truck up. The lockup in 3rd on a consistent basis keeps the truck ready for immediate throttle when needed. Going up long 7% grades, unloaded, the truck stays cool and maintains a constant speed.

    Going down the same grade all I need to do is slow down to the decent speed and the truck stays locked up in 3rd and hold s the truck back requiring much less breaking. Tow/haul will do the same thing but now I don’t need to enable tow/haul and just focus on driving.

    The Sport Tune is ridiculous. The truck is stupid fast but I will warn you – do not use this tune unless you have a built transmission. You will be tempted to use that tune for everyday driving – don’t 🙂

    If anyone is on the fence about buying custom tuning for their truck, don’t wait all these years like I did. You will not regret it. Rob was quick to reply with any and all questions I had.

  16. I recommend to anyone looking for a first class tuner for a Dodge common rail 5.9. His tunes are very responsive and the truck is a joy to drive with the new shift schedule. I also had a bunch of bugs in my truck and Rob helped me a lot. He got me the ecm recovery flash so we had a reliable starting point (I bought the truck with efi live in it). My truck had some upgrades on the transmission and bigger injectors(30%) and he is not a smoky tuner. Even with the 210hp its easy to control smoke with your right foot. If you are searching for a place to buy your MM3/tunes look no further

  17. Rob was very helpful with advice, and getting me set up promptly with my new tuner. His tunes work great, transmission shifts the way it should have from the factory. HUGE improvement over my edge evolution I previously had. It’s a new truck. I highly recommend! 11/10 would buy it again!

  18. Just installed 4 tunes from Rob and they all run and shift WAY better!
    When I heard Rob explain what he had done in the tunes, I was sold half way thru his video demonstration. Even more happy after driving my 2004 5.9 with 184,000 miles which I bought new. With his tunes, truck runs and shifts remarkably better than it ever has since I received it.
    I had looked into a couple other brands prior to finding mm3tuning.com and my perception was that they hadn’t focused on tunes for my particular truck and transmission.
    Extremely happy with my purchase!

  19. Rob,

    I just want to thank you for the vastly improved mileage and drivability of my truck. I don’t know what tune it had before, but your economy tune gave me 3.5 mpg improvement over a 1500 mile trip, and it drives so much nicer!! The trans shifts SO much better! That trip was without towing, on the economy tune. I’m doing a trip to Texas later this week on the towing tune, pulling my 35 foot fifth wheel trailer. Will let you know how that goes. Feel free to post this as a testimonial.

    Michael Dye – 2007 Ram 3500 single rear wheel setup.

  20. So I was thinking between efi live and this but let me tell you I am so glad I chose Rob. He by far exceeded my expectations and was super patient with my lack of computer knowledge. I STRONGLY recommend you buy from him if you decide to go this route. All I can say is turbo and psi 🥰

  21. Excellent service and an excellent product!!. I would not hesitate to purchase again. This has really helped, especially towing and keeping the heat down. Second gear lockup is a life saver.

    Thanks Rob again,


  22. I have to say Robs tunning for 06 with the 48re is fantastic. My truck had EFI live on it but still shifted Unsatisfactory So after some research I found him and am very pleased how it shifts now and the costumer service is fantastic. I will recommend him to anyone that is looking for there truck to be tuned. Thanks Rob for putting in the work

  23. Have to say by far the best tuner setup and best customer service in the industry of tuning. I have a 2006 2500 and I stumbled across mm3 tuning through my research and was sold with only a short convo with rob. Hands down the guy to go too for tuning and any other questions .

  24. I have a 2006 Dodge 2500 and mostly tow a 10,000 lb travel trailer with it. I was looking to get a little more “oomph” out of it and boy did I. Rob put together a 60hp and 90 hp 12V tune that are incredible. It’s like driving a completely different truck.

    One of the biggest reasons I went with Rob was the ability to tune the transmission as well. Two days after installing I left for a two week trip on the Oregon coast. Truck performed great and I even asked Rob about some fine tuning for the transmission after I got home, to which he said he had a solution and would put something together. Try getting that kind of service with an off the shelf product.

  25. After doing the research Rob was the only tuner out there I found that actually took the time to change and enhance the tuning on the 48RE trans. I picked up the 3 tune packed 30-60-90. So far I have to say it has really changed the truck drivability. The shifting is solid. The tunes are perfect. I tried a different platform that just did not even come close to these. Every time I have asked a question Rob got right back to me. I would suggest Robs programing for any of the cummins.

  26. Hands down rob is the best tuner for the cummins platform and the system is by far better then any off the shelf tuner for these trucks my truck was a one off combo of newer engine in an 03 truck that i was told could not be done by a bunch of different tuners and shops and talked to rob and he didnt hesitate to say we can figure it out and make it work and that is exactly what he did got the base tune about spot on first try and has been great when it comes to customer service one of the best ive ever delt with. He knows what he is doing 100 percent for sure hands down the only guy i will ever use for any custom cummins tuning put his mild street tune in truck and its amazing the difference compared to a standard street tune of approx same hp from an edge tuner that i have used on previous trucks theres a night and day difference bottom line is you want to put a tuner on your cummins robs the guy for sure. Thanks agian rob

  27. Put 3 tunes in my 06 2500. Rv transporter And I do a lot of miles. My first 10k miles (3 weeks) are all smiles with these tunes!! I see all terrains from flat land to Rocky Mountains and I put everything threw its paces and the tunes do it very well! The transmission works great for towing And shifts nicely.

  28. Just installed the mm3 today. Loaded the 12v 90hp tune and wow a world of difference. The 48re tune is better than putting it in tow/haul when stock. Rob is the man quick to respond to my questions and getting me the tunes. Anyone looking for a tuner this is by far the best I’ve used

  29. I don’t know what to except, wow! I’m by no means a lead foot, after installing the tow tune, immediately the shift patterns and solidness were felt. I love the TC lock up, the tow/haul mode change and the power even on the tow tune is punchy. The power and torque in 3rd was awesome. Great job Rob, stand up guy, professional, patient with my issues and willingness to go the extra mile to help a customer, bravo Rob!

    Look no where else…

  30. Rob was super helpful, I know roughly what I wanted and he pointed me in the right direction, I chose the 2 tune option and had a slight hiccup with one, he knew exactly what to do and instantly emailed me a new file and was mind blow about the difference it made. I had bought the smarty touch thinking I could dabble in tuning myself but I just couldn’t get it to work, leave it to the professional to do the hard work that knows what he’s doing.

  31. Rob was great to work with. Answered all my questions in a timely manner. So far the tunes are awesome. They really show what the truck and tranny are capable of. I bought four from him with sotf and the mm3. Great combo. The 12vhp tune is awesome. Will be buying more from him down the road

  32. Best bang for your hard earned buck. Rob was awesome to work with and answered all my questions. Rob emailed me my tunes the same day I emailed him my stock file. It’s a night and day difference in the trans tuning. Definitely worth every penny. I bought his 4 tune package with monitor and will be asking for custom tuning for my truck when I do some fueling and turbo upgrades along with having my transmission built to handle all the awesomeness.

  33. Thanks to Rob and his excellent tuning skills!

    I received my tuner and files quicker than I ever imagined. Working with Rob was exciting and easy. I had some difficulties with the download process and he quickly adapted to meet my technology capabilities. That is truly great; don’t see that kind of flexibility anymore.

    After downloading and installing Rob’s tunes (and I’ve had three different programmers), I instantly noticed the power. The biggest change was how the transmission shifted. The change got rid of the 2-3-2 shuttle shift. It upgraded shift points and torque converter lockup, which makes my 2004.5 Dodge 2500 48RE Cummins drive the way it should! I LOVE the 12v tune.

    Rob has done his homework. I wouldn’t go or use any other programmer/files.
    Thanks again for your quick responses and efforts!

  34. Robs tuning was a huge improvement over my can tunes that I had before I got the mm3. Rob really took the time to get my tunes dialed in and running great. Customer service was unbeatable I never had any excessive waiting periods for my tunes or questions I had. Also the trans tuning is impeccable, the noticeable difference in shifts and shift pattern is really nice. The interface with the mm3 tuner is really user friendly and easy to understand also Robs instructions are really helpful. I would highly recommend Robs tuning to anyone looking for a major step up in their tuning needs whether it’s hot rodding or just towing.

  35. Robs tuning is awesome. It took me quite awhile to decide on who to use and after going back and forth between a few people, Rob is who I chose. He responded quickly and answered all my questions, whereas others either ignored me or didn’t have a good answer.

    The tuning is fantastic! What an update for our 3rd gen trucks! The trans tuning completely changes the drive-ability of the truck and the power increase is great. No comparison between the MM3 and a box Tuner. I went from the Smarty S06 to this and am very glad I did. EGT control is there, better shift schedule, better power and response, and on the fly tuning! Check out my reviews on youtube if you’d like @ Brandon Turos.

  36. Love this product and respect this tuner ! I’d done my research for so long going back and forth with the big companies and scrolling around I see this page. Moments later I contact rob and within a short while of a man having a job and his own on the side I have a great conversation about his tuning and what I should and shouldn’t be doing with my truck a book of knowledge and know how . After making my decision to finally pull the trigger I received my package very quickly and had to hurry and install eveything was made simple thanks to rob step by step he will help you in a kind manner no matter the situation he will help you. After some issues that were then resolved with hookups and such my 2006 2500 cummins was running like a top better than new with a custom 12v tune makeing it truly iconic and the power and fuel economy is incredible. I must say the most impressive is robs in depth tranny tuning this is where is shines it shift like nothing else. I personally can’t think of anyone better to go with for tuning and truck advice a customer forever you have gained.

  37. It feels like a whole new truck. Towing, it shifts when it should, and very smooth. There’s no shuttle shift with light throttle when you’re stuck in traffic and no clunking into gear.
    I got the 4 tune package; MPG, Tow, Street, and the 90hp 12 valve tunes. The 12 valve tune is a blast to drive, really reminds you of the old trucks.
    I’m not sure how Rob cracked the 48re codes, but the shift points, TC lockup, and overall greatness that these trannys have to offer has been unlocked, finally.
    Customer service was excellent too. Thanks again Rob

  38. Rob definitely knows how to make these trucks run right. My personal favorite is the 90hp street tune, it really woke the truck up. If you have a 3rd gen with the 48re this is the site to be on. Thanks Rob.

  39. Love the Tow tune I got. Works great with my truck 2004 HO 5.9 twin disc southbend clutch 6 speed NV5600 4X4 3500 DRW. I have BBI stage 1 injectors and a 63/65 turbo. I tow a 36 foot fifthwheel toy hauler (dutchman voltage 3200). I’m able to hold 80% engine load at 1250F EGT. All the other tunes I got elsewhere were not even close. I’m very happy with this tune. Great drive ability with and without trailer.

  40. 2005 Ram 3500 Laramie I have always enjoyed my truck NOW I Love…. driving my truck. The difference in performance is remarkable I got the MM3 the tow tune and street tune but the remarkable thing is the trans shift points !! Truly the transmission feels so much better “If the truck could talk I know it feels the same” Drives more like a new rig she is so much lighter on her feet LOL …. believe me when I say I now want the 210 HP but I don’t think that’s a good idea knowing me.
    Rob is awesome to work with and does all he says he will do and more. I believe this upgrade is going to extend the service life of my rig and may very well be the best investment I have made in my truck. If you have a 3rd Gen 5.9 Ram do your truck a solid and talk with Rob on what is best for you.

  41. I am blown away how much better my truck is after installing Robs tunes. The shifting is so much better I don’t know how he did it and dodge got it so wrong with the shift points and lock up on the 48re. I pull a 12000lbs toy hauler all around Southern California and was looking at a newer truck until I found rob and I’m glad I tried him out before spending all that money for a newer truck. I have a whole new love for my truck now. Thanks rob.

  42. I bought the tuner and 4 custom tunes from rob when I say this guy knows what he is doing he honestly does I no longer have the shuttle shifting the transmission shifts like it should I have full control when towing and the best part is the egts drop a lot compared to my edge dealing with him is the way to go hands down thanks again rob (2005 Dodge Ram 2500)

  43. Just got tunes from Rob for my 5.9. They really woke my truck up! I couldn’t be happier with how my truck performs now. Thanks Rob!

  44. Wow I don’t know where to begin my problem child 06 is back to normal! Being a Dodge fan for a long time, I scored an 06 2500 4 years ago that I’ve kept up and currently running strong at 185k. After burning up a transmission from a blizzard I had a Reman trans installed and the truck was never the same after that. They always say the reman is as good as the builder. There is truth to that however the software running the truck applies to the same rules! Dodge fumbled on this during this time. Having a reman installed I suffered severe shuttle shifting, lower pressure, higher Tran temps and taking the kiddo to school in the morning was a nightmare!!! Rob the man, has dug down to the very beginning surface of what these trucks were built on and created his own leaving the results on the table as an absolute win! Your not getting just an engine tune to run it hard, your getting the fundamentals of what is needed to run normal and harder! Creates Longevity when your not a lead foot. If you have doubts on a 1k addition, it’s like a better health for you but for your truck!

  45. I talked with Rob for about 2 months before ordering his MPG and Tow Tunes. I hadn’t updated my Smarty Touch, which needed to be done before I could load custom tunes. Rob walked me through the entire process, including the glitches during the update. Wow, was I ever impressed! With the MPG tune, the power feels about like the Touch level 3, but with the changes in how the transmission shifts, it feels like a totally different truck. For me, the greatest thing is how it downshifts now, just like it should have from the factory. Thanks Rob!

  46. Just uploaded my tune and it worked great. The transmission is night and day better, should have been like this from the factory. Rob was very good to work with, answered all my questions and tune came back very quick. This is a must have.
    Thank You

  47. Thank you Rob, Watched your video on the 48RE tow haul mode and decided to get the MM3 tuner and full tune package. your tunes did everything you said it would do. I pulled my travel trailer over the coast range this weekend here in Oregon and I couldn’t be happier with the shift pattern you set up. Third gear lockup is awesome on the hills when pulling and my tranny ran cooler too, also when just cruising through town at 40 mph it stays in third where it really should be instead of lugging in fourth gear.I’m one happy camper Rob! Good job with your tunes.

  48. I was fortunate enough to stumble across Robs channel on Youtube and decided to reach out. He got back to me immediately, I purchased original tunes from him and loved them. Then I saw that he had new ones and updates, I reached out again. Couldn’t be happier with the outcome. It made me find the enjoyment in driving my truck again. If you want solid product and delivery on what is promised Rob is the man. Thank you again for the work you put into this.

  49. I don’t know where to begin. After putting a tune in from Rob my engine and tranny immediately woke up. The tune brings out the perfect amount of power from my cummins coupled with perfect shifting makes driving my truck even more fun! If you want safe power to your truck Rob is the guy to get it from. He truly knows these trucks inside and out.

    1. Rob is awesome, answered all of my questions very promptly. Pulled my 13,000lb RV this past week and couldn’t be happier with the tunes. The truck didn’t downshift on small inclines as it did before and the added torque was very noticeable. I highly recommend Rob’s tunes, really woke my truck up.

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