I offer custom 5.9 Cummins Engine and 48RE Transmission tuning through two platforms:

  • Smarty UDC Pro
  • HP Tuners

Which one do I go with?

It depends on your situation. If you currently have no tuner and you have an 04-07 truck, the MM3 with UDC Pro tuning is your best option because it can store an unlimited number of tunes and can change tunes on the fly right from the display. It also has the most parameters available to monitor, especially in the 06-07 trucks. The MM3 does double duty and a programmer and a gauge set.

If you currently have a Smarty Touch, UDC Pro tuning is your best option.

If you already have gauges and/or an Edge CTS2 or you are on a budget; then HP Tuners is probably your best option due to the cost savings.

No matter which tuning platform you choose, I have you covered.